Anything from an envelope to a 1 tonne load with a range of services and different vehicle types to suit your job. We also offer a special ‘dash’ delivery for the client who wanted it there ‘yesterday’. For numerous parcels going to the same destination, PEP couriers are also the go.
C 0kg > 250kg
Minimum delivery charge applies (includes a minimum of 5 minutes loading time and 5 minutes unloading time)
Small Station Wagon  L 2m x W 1.22m x H 0.75m
V or U 250kg > 1 Tonne
Minimum delivery charge applies (includes a minimum of 5 minutes loading and 10 minutes unloading time)
Large Van  L 2.75m x W 1.2m x H 1.12m
Tray Top Utility  L 2.4m x W 1.8m
R Vehicle requiring racks
Lengthy items such as timber, ladders, conduit, etc. may require a utility vehicle fitted with racks. An additional fee per job may be applicable. Racks are required for lengths 5m and over.
Items carried must not exceed the length of the vehicle plus 1.2m of overhang at each end to comply with the Road Traffic Act. The usual maximum length for goods on utes is 6.5m and the maximum total weight is 100kg.
Important Notes
Loading and unloading time charged in increments of 5 minutes.
All goods carried must comply with the requirements of the Road Traffic Act and the Dangerous Goods Act.
All distances are calculated from a computerised schedule.
Signatures for extra time obtained wherever possible.
Refer to Rate Schedule for additional general charges if applicable.
Booking in advance
We have the facilities in place to cover advanced bookings for all courier work.

Mobile data terminals
All our courier vehicles are equipped with mobile data terminals enabling efficient fleet management and fast, accurate transmission of job information.

Job cancellation
If a pick-up request is later cancelled after a vehicle has already been despatched, a call fee will be charged.

Waiting time
Additional waiting time is charged in increments of 5 minutes.

Extra pick-up or delivery on the same run
For an extra pick-up or delivery on the same run, a fee will be charged.

Extra person to assist loading & unloading
In cases where an extra person is required to assist in the loading or unloading of a consignment, an additional fee per 5 minutes will be charged. The minimum charge is a 1/2 hour.

C.O.D. pick-ups
If a driver is required to pay for goods on your behalf, an additional fee will be charged. This service is available to regular account customers only. Payment for goods and C.O.D. Pick-Up fee is to be made to the driver.

City block
Collections from and deliveries to the city block area bounded by Milligan Street, Wellington Street, Victoria Avenue and Riverside Drive incur an additional fee. This charge does not apply to jobs in the City Mall.

City mall
Collections from and deliveries to a city mall during restricted mall access periods incur an additional fee.

Dash service
Subject to distance and road conditions, the Dash Service guarantees delivery of any item to anywhere in the metropolitan area within 1 hour from the time of pick-up request. The fee is extra on the standard rate.

Overnight holding fee
Where a client specifically requires the goods to be collected, held overnight and delivered the following morning, courier rates plus a one hour overnight holding fee apply.

Country deliveries
Country rates are available on request.

Saturday and after hours rates
Saturday and after hours rates are available on request.

Pick-ups & deliveries on building sites
Due to strict controls that apply to entry of building sites, couriers must comply with the DOHSWA Act by wearing the correct safety gear. i.e. hard hat and safety boots. Booking in advance to cover this type of work would be appreciated.

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